About us

Who Are We?

Being a fervent follower of the Bible and its deep-seated lessons, it’s an honor to be your compass on this enlightening voyage to self-realization.

Dreams, visions, and symbols have served as divine dispatches for endless generations, providing glimpses into our deepest emotions and innermost beings.

Bearing steadfast belief in the Holy Scripture’s wisdom, I’m here to shine a light on your life’s pathways, uncovering hidden links between spiritual and physical realms.

Hand in hand, we’ll traverse these territories seeking profound enlightenment that strengthens your spiritual journey.

What We Do

As a man of faith tasked with decoding dreams and other symbols, my quest is to assist you in unraveling these obscure messages within your dreamscape.

May this haven of knowledge serve as a lighthouse on your expedition, steering you toward a more profound self-understanding, purpose identification, and divine revelation.

Here you will find a sanctuary of wisdom and understanding, where you can seek guidance and revelation through the language of dreams and symbols.

Let’s set sail together on this sacred odyssey harnessing the metamorphic potency contained within dreams, symbols, and God’s infinite mercy.

Our Values

My core values are rooted in the teachings of the Bible and the principles of Christianity.

Foremost, traditional family values, as emphasized in the Scriptures, form the foundation of my approach.

These values include love, compassion, empathy, integrity, respect, and a commitment to serving others with a selfless heart.

My mission is to help you comprehend the profound messages from the Divine, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and find meaning in their life experiences.

Meet The Team

Lowell Batista L.R.ChurchOfChrist

Lowell Batista

Writer, Editor, Interpreter

A talented writer, editor, and interpreter, whose passion for words and compassion for humanity have shaped a profound journey of service and guidance. With years of experience as a preacher in a church, Lowell has devoted himself to the noble task of helping others discover their purpose and find their rightful place in the world.

Misha the angel


Director of Joy and Well-Being

Misha is a ten-year-old pitbull and the most loving and affectionate companion out there. She is the source of positivity, joy, and unconditional love. By possessing angel-like abilities, she is an essential part of the team.