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The Loma Rica Church of Christ is not so much a name as a description of a group of people meeting to worship God on Fruitland in Loma Rica, CA. We are a congregation of the church that belongs to Christ. Each of us recognized the sins in his or her life and came to God for salvation as the Bible instructs.

We have no denominational affiliation. We are simply Christians following the teachings of Jesus, His apostles, and prophets found in the New Testament. The division of denominationalism is in fact, contradictory to the teaching of the Bible. Jesus prayed for His followers to be united and of one accord.

The New Testament contains God's pattern of how He wants men to worship and serve Him so that all people can be unified. It also teaches the truth concerning our attitudes, actions, words and thoughts as we live our everyday life. It is our commitment to live by these teachings to the best
of our ability.

We cordially invite you to worship with us!

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